The Future o Retail

The Situation

● Experience demand

Consumer habits have drastically changed in the last decade and purchase experience expectations have increase in the same way. Clients expect much more than they used to. Today, more than ever, it’s necessary to have a deeper knowledge about clients.

● Online vs Offline: True opponents?

In the race to give some answers to clients, some questions come to Surface, especially about the prime channel in the future of retail. Will be more online or offline interactions? Is physical store going to disappear? The 85% of all sales transacted are at a physical stores and giants as Amazon arrives in the brick and mortar business (i.e: Wholefoods acquisition, Amazon go)

The Future o Retail

The Challenge

● The future conversion

It´s indispensable to generate synergy between the online and physical world in order to make retailers able to offer personalized and meaningful experiences.
It is necessary to have a meet point for different technologies in order to add exponential value.

● OCP: The Agile Platform

OCP was built under the concept of interaction platform, enabling each new data source connected to be quickly integrated to feed advanced clustering, predictive algorithms and machine learning functions.
OCP is ready for the future, Are you?

Our Solution

OCP in action
Instore Analytics

OCP enables to collect, consolidate and interpret data to better understand customers and visitors. Our state of the art algorithms process the high volume of device sightings reported by the AccessPoints in all stores, leveraging wifi network infrastructure to sense visitor behavior (average dwell time, capture rate, fidelity and conversion rate, among others) without even requiring visitors to log in the wifi.
We also provide guest wifi for customers via social network credentials.

Custom Solution

Technical architecture designed from the ground up for fast plug in development, enabling the integration of new data sources for innovative tailored industry solutions.

Salesforce Enhancer

Manage and improve sales force productivity while mitigating the consequences of the high turnover of sales associates with empowering analytics.

Data Science

Democratize data science for everyone with automatic algorithms that provide client segmentation, product categorization or campaign recommendations.

About Us

Our History

In 2017, gA turned 25 years leading business transformation projects. Since its foundation in Buenos Aires in 1992 with a staff of 17, the company grew to 1400 people working in over 41 countries around the world with offices in Latin America and the United States.

Based on its innovation spirit and its digital business transformation experience, gA decided to launch Parabolt, a new company focused on incubating its own ideas, those of Latin-American entrepreneurs and those of large corporations.

Parabolt is set as an independent unit from gA and one of its main goals is to create technological solutions that will cause a revolution of corporate business, leveraging entrepreneurship and a valuable partner’s ecosystem. Visit to learn more.

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